About Me

Hello, I am Alex Ruiz! Nice to meet y’all.

I started writing articles for LA Soccer Hub during the club’s 2021 campaign. I helped build up the following for Total Galaxy on Instagram to make the account the top LA Galaxy news account on the page during the 2021 season as well. In 2022, I joined The Striker as the LA Galaxy beat writer for the publication.

When dreams of not being professional soccer didn’t seem possible, I decided to pivot into becoming a sports journalist. As an avid watcher of the beautiful game, the storylines of the game are what get you hooked.

As a kid, I used to go to Galaxy games with my father and fell in love with the club. It was a goal of mine to be a soccer reporter covering the team and fortunately, I’ve been able to achieve that now. Now my main motivation is to give the LA Galaxy as much content and news about the Galaxy to grow as a soccer voice in this country.

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What type of coverage to expect

For starters, I will provide match previews that give into the LA Galaxy’s opponents and storylines from the matchup. The morning after the match, expect an article with quotes and a in-depth analysis of the match.

Features from players, events, and people in the LA Galaxy community. There is always a story looking to be told both on and off the pitch that I will bring to light. There will be stories analyzing statistics and data to help better comprehend how the Galaxy are doing and where they can improve. There will be lots of content every week as my goal is to keep the discourse of the Galaxy in full swing.

There will be a podcast launching to give y’all more content and discussion about the Blue, White, and Gold. More media content will come to the site with more paid subscribers to help support the production of high-quality media for fans.

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